Van der Mey (as a craft butcher) finds her origin in 1947. The experience of this craftsmanship is still to taste.


Gebr. van der Mey Vers Vlees BV starts in 1962 as slaughterhouse in Hillegom.


L.J. van der Mey BV moves to a new build gammon and bacon production plant on the Mercuriusstraat in Sassenheim.


Gebr. van der Mey Vers Vlees BV is fully on the processing of fresh meat with a specialization in pork and settles on the Jagtlustkade in Sassenheim.


Joining forces of L.J. van der Mey BV and Gebr. van der Mey BV in which both entities continue to operate independent under parent company the Sassenheimse Vleesbedrijven BV.


The Sassenheimse Vleesbedrijven BV moves – with its subsidiaries- into the new build plant NL109EC on the Edisonstraat in Sassenheim. Here is the processing of fresh pork and the curing of bacon products the core business of Van der Mey Vers Vlees & Bacon Export.


Van der Mey exists more than 75 years and is in continuous development. The product range continues to expand with sustainable and pre-cooked meat products.