Quality Assurance

Van der Mey Vers Vlees & Bacon Export is certified for meat processing of different concepts – Krull (Curl), Beter Leven (Better Life) and regular pork. To ensure quality Van der Mey Vers Vlees & Bacon Export produces according to extra requirements of various quality systems such as HACCP- en BRC- guidelines. In addition to the daily internal quality checks, also the Government (NVWA) and other external parties inspect our methods and products extensively. Thanks to all the independent checks are you sure we meet the highest quality standards.

Worldwide delivery

By road, water or air Van der Mey provides 450 customers worldwide every year of 25 million kilos of meat. In addition to the NL 109 EC recognition, with which Van der Mey is European approved to export pork, it also has approval of the following meat importing countries: Canada, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. The constant quality makes us a reliable global partner.

Canalisation system

Because each country or concept has its own standards, we process the different flows of meat strictly separate in place and/or time. To do this, we use a canalisation system that uses different color codes / labels per concept or market based on strict protocols. Because of this, it is clear for all employees, what kind of meat it concerns. At the slightest doubt, the meat is marked down to regular meat.


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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety


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