Quality assurance

Van der Mey refines meat of different concepts for a variety of countries and market segments


Van der Mey has a flat company structure, which ensures a high degree of commitment and customer service

Taylor made

Van der Mey produces and packs to customer specifications, to allow them to efficiently respond to market trends


From Sassenheim – The Netherlands Van der Mey supplies its global customer over four continents by road, via water or through air

About van der Mey

For national retail and the worldwide meat processing industry 100 dedicated professionals create from the best raw materials the finest pan-ready (pre-cooked) portions, traditionally cured/ smoked bacon (whole backs and streaks) and fresh/frozen meat parts of any desired cut. The processing capacity of 750 tonnes of meat per week and freezing capacity of 800 tonnes, makes Van der Mey a reliable and flexible supply partner.

Curious about the possibilities?

Van der Mey’s development never stops; we are always on the lookout for new insights in order to respond rapidly to future market developments. Herewith we can serve our customers to differentiate themselves in a personal way.

“Krull/ Curl” Pig

The “Krull/ Curl” Pig lives in spacious, comfortable stables equipped with wood curls, sawdust and litter to root in. The stables are energy-efficient and emit less ammonia. The meat is nice and dry and tastier due to fat marbling.


In short: A high-quality piece of Dutch pork with a good story.


Tons of freezing capacity


Tons of processing capacity

How it all started

In 1947 Van der Mey opens its doors as an artisan butcher’s shop in Sassenheim. You can still taste the experience of this craftsmenship . In 1962 a slaughterhouse was founded, which transformed over the years into a fresh meat cutting plant specialising in pork.

The Frying Dutchmen

The Frying Dutchmen is Van der Mey’s own label. This brand name covers the in-house marinated and ready-to-cook meat products. It represents meat with an amazing taste and made for convenience.